The French Cafe  is an unique curved box that adds character to the already popular caffeine delight, coffee.

The French Style can be built onto most vehicles, tuktuks, Suzuki, Tata or even an old bakkie. 


It allows for more space on the inside and you will serve from the outside of tuktuk or truck. It creates a personalized customer interaction.

We have a standard layout which works best with a coffee shop setup.

It allows for a pastry box, a fridge, a tap and 

We will be happy to assist with an alternative layout should you choose.

We use different types of wood finishes such as commercial ply, pine ply, birchwood ply and supawood.


We also offer real wood, oak, black wood, ash, kiaat at an additional cost if you are really going for an exclusive look.

The supawood is a great product as it can be sprayed in the same colour as the outside of the box.

We recommend using the duel fuel coffee machine as it operates with gas with the option of electric making you completely mobile to sell anywhere.


SEMI-AUTOMATIC COFFEE MACHINE  – Electromechanical push buttons

– Two stainless steel steam wands

– One manual hot water tap

– Automatic water re-fill and built in volumetric pump as standard

We can provide you with a new or refurbished coffee machine depending on your requirements.

Both machines come with a 1 year warranty with the supplier.

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