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The Full Story

Without prejudice

I have been silent no due to the fact that I agree with you but rather that your level of ignorance has rendered me speechless.

The review you left is nothing short of a personal attack as you clearly have no intention to approach us for any rectification, clarification or a simple matter of explanation.

Had the facts listed been 100% true and not just a version to suit your demeanour or the fact that you forgot to mention the fact that you purchased a 45 year old vintage kombi model it would have been more justified.

I would like to start this email and message to all who will be reading your review as well as my reply as I have laid it out below:

Chris, the owner of Street food trucks, is the perfect con man. Such a personal attack , you could of kept this professional but in my opinion based on our dealings is not within your ability.


 He makes promises and fails to deliver over and over. Chris had promised my company a vehicle ready for trade by December 2020 This is an absurd accusations as you never paid the deposit in the manner that you agreed to and signed for, you were clearly told that the timely deposit payment is directly related to the date of trade - but has a sneaky  clause (not sneeky at all, completely justified as the delay was directly impacted by late deposit payment and engine problems which could not have been foreseen) in his Ts & Cs that exempt him from maintaining his deadline.


He promises weekly updates with a progress report, pictures and videos. Sounds great for being able to focus on other aspects of putting together a business. None of this materialised

Send the progress report. Its agreed to be sent on a Friday and I’m not your personal assistant to damn remind you every week. ‘

Another below


I am the client , I’ve paid my full deposit. Start pulling your weight and return calls. ‘

Not even to mention this being on the 19th of December a Saturday and 4 days after we shutdown for the year


He is quick to remind you of the 15 years he is in business but does little to reassure you with hard fact of the condition of your build. He instead offers new deadlines and new false promises. You as the client will have to beg him to see progress of your build that you would have paid 75% deposit for and will have no control over. You had a representative in Cape Town who was fully capable and able to come and view at any time. A response and pictures were provided within 48 hours or when it was physically able. Getting a report on a Friday and then requesting an update on a Monday morning is completely unreasonable. It is only closer to a deadline when as the customer you question the state of your build that you are alerted to random engine failures that push your build out even further. Such a complete lie you were informed of this only 20 working days after the full deposit materialised, Chris does not specify what failure, just that the parts are imported and that each item takes a minimum of a month to arrive. Again we sent you the exact part as you thought you could get stock of, this was hilarious  to be honest as we had informed you that we have had to purchase two of this same flywheel before as if you had some magical way to summons the part out of thin air when the only supplier possible does not have stock and experiencing delay in stock due to Covid delays, not insulting at all.

 Do not let the fact that he advertises everywhere sway you - this man is not professional or adequate at what he does at all. After making a trip to Cape Town to view the vehicle in May 2021, 5 months, approximately 20 emails, and numerous WhatsApps and calls later - to final inspection the vehicle as it was supposedly ready, viewing the vehicle was disappointing to say the least. Again a complete lie we were explicit in the fact the kombi was still at the mechanic’s workshop prior to you coming and you agreed to still come view, hence the reason we met you at the mechanic's shop there was nothing to hide, I can literally not make this stuff up.

 It was not ready to be driven, it was in pieces and nothing lined up. When snags pointed out, Chris took offence saying that he would not let a vehicle leave his workshop that he does not approve of. He again promised a date “set in stone of end June” - stating that he will reach out to us to initiate video call 15 June to view progress and end June for final sign off. Again this was this information we received from the mechanic you were more than welcome at this point to take over the mechanical part pf the kombi, this can literally not be made up. If the dam roadworthy is not ready it is not ready and doesn’t pass. If the electrical wiring is not done wehat the hell do you expect us to do, please this is a question I would love to have your expert opinion on.

Chris makes elaborate promises such as installing a sound system into the vehicle if the date is missed to get your guard down. Really a R500 sound system gets your guard down? Had any of these delays been unrelated to the engine and purely on the build it would have been one thing. None of this materialised.

On 24 June I reached out to Chris to investigate why no calls to which Chris alerts me to more “issues” none of which can be specified. Chris missed this deadline as well, and only after being alerted to the possibility of a CPA case against him handed a vehicle over, and holds us to ransom by including VAT into the original agreed price - the condition of which is appalling. I am speechless by your ignorance once again this so called VAT you are referring to was a discount amount which again was listed on the invoice you signed for stating that it will only be provided IF AND WHEN the deposit is received as you agreed it to be paid which you did not. It was more than 22 days after the original agreed deposit date and 15 days the second agreed upon date.

Our terms and conditions are within the Consumer Protection Act so your little threat does not scare me. 



From front to back :

1. Windscreen cracked - illegal to pass COR with cracked windscreen but somehow Chris handed over COR.  Let me correct you again, the windscreen may not be cracked on the driver side on the windscreen. Secondly you never paid the full amount of the invoice, a fee of R3000 was taken of the final invoice. Chris provided you with the number of the VW kombi place that we had ordered the windscreen from for R1000. He suggested that he fit it but then the kombi needed to satay until the Monday to fit it, this was Friday. You said no you want to take the kombi regardless. He provided you with the number of the guy as well.

2. Left Indicator and hazard lights not working Not possible, this was working during the collection of the vehicle. Had they not been working why did the kombi not come back to us on the day that it left or even the Monday??????

3. Poor quality workmanship - paint over rust with no previous body repair work done I have attached pictures of the kombi before and after. I need to reiterate as you still do not quite understand that this is a 45 years old vintage kombi, how did you expect there to be no rust?? New Panels and rust removal was used as well as reinforcement using fibre filler, please do oyurself a favour and google what it actually is as it is much stronger bond than a reweld which will just pull the metal in all different directions.

4. Drivers door , passenger door does not lock Included in this R3000 as discussed on point 1 was handles you could purchase for the ones you wanted as well as the locks

 5. Ac vents in cabin not connected to anything merely placed for decoration. Yes this is a luxury it does not assist in the driving of the kombi neither the selling of the kombi so you are able to install an aircon at for you own account should you wish. DO you honestly think we purposely disconnected it for our pleasure. I think they stopped working in the 80's already.

6. No hooter on steering Not possible as this is a requirement.  You also did not allow or bother to have us take a look at it.

7. Doors have no handles There were handles on the doors of the kombi perhaps not the aesthetic pleasing ones your had in mind. Included in this R3000 as discussed on point 1 was handles you could purchase for the ones you wanted as well as the locks

8. Gearbox linkage needs to be redone Several people drove the kombi, perhaps you are not familiar driving such a vintage vehicle as it does take some finesse. In fact the nominated representative had the pleasure of driving in the kombi.

9. Passenger mirror fell off when door closed, door doesn’t line up 45 year old vehicle, passenger mirror could of simply been replaced had we even been informed. As mentioned previously you had no intention of giving us an opportunity to see to any snags.

10. All chrome trim that Chris had stated will be changed - damaged dented scratched This was a favour and luxury had we had the time or pleasant clients, not a driving concern or necessary to sell coffee

11. Over painting on two tone paint Job This was not mentioned during any of the inspections

12. Bodywork fibreglass sanded down in areas and not sprayed I do not know where you are referring to as we have never been contacted or informed about any issues.

13. Latch to open roof held together with single loose ***** , weld has gaping rust holes. Also not sure, we would of been happy to tend to a snag list if giving a chance.

 14. Shop interior woodwork held together by bolts and *****s not neatly fastened, has not been sanded down and varnished, woodworked floor has large gaps between cupboards Again this was not a problem brought up during any part of the final inspection so not sure why this is being brought up, there was a representative to sign of the kombi for longer than 2 hours. This is a very peculiar statement as all car manufacturers have to fit the safety belts, the safety feature of the vehicle with bolt and but. Curious how did you want it to be attached?

15. Battery lying loose in engine compartment 

Chris Ts & Cs are one sided and suit him to maximum benefit and states that once the vehicle has left his premises it is done so voetstoets- the onus of turning this into a functional business relies on me injecting more capital with no recourse to Chris and street food trucks .

Had you been a gentleman and businessman and addressed these issues while the truck was still at our premises we would have been happy to assist. In fact you posted this review almost 5 weeks after you took delivery of the kombi with no such communication to us at all. How do you expect us to assist at all????

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