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Smallest cutest food truck around

Starting from R200 000

Oyster Trailers

Modern, small, unique and extremely spacious

Starting from R161 000

Truck's & Vans

Classic trucks forms the heart of the food truck industry

Starting from R330 000

Vintage Trucks

Vintage trucks, the dream of all food truck owners

Starting from R350 000

Kombi Trailers

The new age of food trucks have arrived

Starting from R150 000


Versatile, classic and economical with an elegant stance

Starting from R350 000

We custom design ,create, convert and build on all types of vehicles, tuktuks, Tata, Renault panel van, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter,  VW Combi's, Autovilla, Caddy,  Suzuki 1 ton truck, Buses, vintage trucks up to 4ton Volvo trucks for the sublime restaurant on wheels.


We have exciting innovative designs that not only creates functional kitchens but are ascetically stunningly beautiful.


The art of converting a basic truck into a economical power house is not only a dream but well within your grasp.  From the basic designs to advice on the various cooking and brewing utensils and ultimately assisting with a financial affordable.

Our green power supply systems enhances the very meaning of a roaming food truck not reliant on outside electricity supplies.

A couple different styles of building onto these vehicles. The panel vans involve a different type of conversion as there is a basic structure already.

Our innovative designed styles are:





These each offer a unique look to your truck and offering.


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